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     It's time to talk about the Social Media Marketing aspect of this website. It's one of the services that we offer and it's one of the most popular that we offer as well. Now a lot of people go around saying that they're a "marketing expert" or a "social media marketing expert" right.. what I've found, and this might be different for you, but what I've found personally is that about 95 % of the time all they're doing is uploading pictures for the business owner and MAYBE they're hitting the "boost" button.I don't know if you've ever tried hitting the "boost" button before but it doesn't exactly work all the time. The reason behind that is it's not the right strategy. 


     Every single strategy that we implement toward your business is 100% based on PROVEN methods that yield TRACKABLE RESULTS! You can track EVERYTHING, How cool is that? 

If you want to find out more about how to get your FREE STRATEGY SESSION on marketing and see which services might benefit your company, at the top of this page there's a little link that says "FREE STRATEGY SESSION". After this video is over  scroll to the top of the page, Click that link and check it out. There's going to be another video and it's going to go more in depth on how to get your FREE MARKETING STRATEGY SESSION."


Why is social media marketing so important? Well first of all, the terms "social media marketing" ca

Social Media Marketing


Why is social media marketing so important? 


  • Well first of all, the term "social media marketing" can refer to several different things but at the end of the day, they all do the same thing: get more people talking about your business and ultimately putting more money in the cash register.  💲💲

  • 🦕  25 years ago, when most people thought of how to advertise their business and/or products, usually the first things that came to mind were 📺 TV commercials ,  Radio commercials, Billboards on the roadside, flyers pinned to the local billboard,  coupons in the mail  and more. Technology has evolved more in the last few decades then in all of human history.

  •  As of December 2018, Facebook had 2.3 BILLION active users 😲 and oh yeah, did you know Facebook also owns Instagram? Pretty intense right? 

According to Statista, in 2017 (the most recent update) the average time spent on social media is 135 minutes per day! THAT'S OVER 2 HOURS!! People are spending their time on Social media now more than ever and if you aren't engaging them on the platforms, you're losing money. 

Social media engagement can be done either organically and also by running ads. Regardless of how you engage, it has never been easier to put your brand in front of people.