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Writing a Product Description that Sells

Writing a product description that sells


Selling stuff online is simply not that easy

              It’s simply not that easy to sell something online. There are so many moving parts to the process like: driving traffic, ad design, audience targeting, sales page design, website functionality, proper psychology and more. It takes a long time to truly understand each step in the process. I’m not talking about Ebay or Amazon where you post something and you leave the fate up to chance. I’m talking about a concrete process  that actually works – one where you can “rinse and repeat” the results and build an actual empire from any product or service you choose. If your product description sucks, no one will buy your stuff. Here are 3 tips to Writing a product description that sells



Example of a Product Description on a Shopify product page



Copywriting refers to the:

  • Titles
  • Description
  • Bullet points
  • Spacing between letters and sentences
  • How the content is broken up
  • The Psychology is used in writing the actual words
  • Basically all the text on the sales page is considered the copywriting.



Tip 1: Trigger Emotion when writing  product description that sells


In sales, people do NOT buy based on logic. They buy based on emotion and justify it with logic. Think about a Hamburger commercial. They don’t start off by showing you a burger and saying “This burger is so cheap you can buy 10 and still have money in the bank”… right!? Usually its more like: “This juicy burger will have you distracted all day because it tastes so good. Oh yeah! Did I mention it feeds the whole family for under 9 dollars!”. Here’s the breakdown:

  • “This juicy burger” – Triggers positive emotions toward a properly cooked burger that’s not dry. Typically “juicy burgers” are high quality and expensive. The desire to partake in high class activities is an emotional reaction. (EMOTION)
  • “Distracted all day because it tastes so good”. – Implying you’ve experienced the positive dopamine rush associated with something addicting. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, tasty sugary deserts etc. Subconsciously it references positive memories in your brain. Fulfilling the addictive tendency is an emotional state of satisfaction. (killing the craving) (EMOTION)
  • “Feeds the whole family for under 9 dollars” – Inexpensive meal and makes your money stretch. (LOGIC)

Use words that help trigger emotions in the person reading your descriptions 🙂🥳😎🤪😡😲. Make sure your words and emotions and congruent with whatever product you’re selling. In sales, people generally want to either chase pleasure, or run away from pain. Stick to only 1 of these themes on your sales page.

Triggering positive emotions

Tip 2: Use logic


After a visitor has an emotional investment, their brain will start thinking of ways to justify the purchase. Sales 101: Make it easy for the customer to give you money. The path of least resistance always wins. If you can help show why the product is justifiable logically, it means the prospect has to use less brainpower to make this decision. Essentially you want to hold their hand through the sales process. It’s no longer about why the product is “cool”, it’s about why it makes sense.Use logic when writing a product description that sells

Show me the savings



Tip 3: Show the Savings when writing a product description that sells


Fact: Everyone likes saving money 💲💲 Answer these questions in your descriptions:

  1. Why is my product so valuable, and what makes it so unique? Make sure to focus on high value points.
  2. Why and how is this a better deal than the competitors. Increase perceived value & Lower price point = double threat!

Show me the value


             Writing a product description that sells is not easy, but it can absolutely be accomplished using the right strategy. A/B test your description if it doesn’t work. There’s a winning description out there, you just need to uncover it! Using the 3 tips above, You’ll be Writing a product description that sells in no time!



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