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Creating Business Cards that STAND OUT

Creating Business Cards


There are so many different types of business cards out there! Which design is most effective? The two main types of business cards are business professional, and creative. Business professional type cards are usually used when a larger company gives their employees their own business cards. Typically The aren’t too flashy and only give basic information like “Name, number, email and department” or something like that. Doctors are great examples of business formal type business cards. Creative cards can be a little more flashy. The objective of Creating Business Cards is to have the card stand out from the crowd. The idea is to be different and memorable.


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Using the right layout while creating business cards


If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably going to want a creative type card.  In 2021 as corporate America slowly declines in popularity and good paying jobs are becoming harder and harder to find, many Americans are turning to entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses. Blah and boring might be ok if you’re a huge company but it’s so important for small businesses to get as many customers as possible. Here are a few tips on Creating Business Cards that will help you stand out!


1 – Use a background/font that’s fun but also legible. There’s no sense in having an awesome business card unless its easy to read.


2 – I’m a strong believer in having a photo of yourself on the business card so that later on people will know exactly who it was they were talking to when they look at your card. My rolodex is huge and even though in the moment, my conversations were fantastic, I have a hard time remembering who everyone was.


3 – Be concise and don’t overload the card with information. Cards are already really small. It’s ok to have some fun stuff happening on the card, however make sure it doesn’t get too cluttered.


The next time you decide to design a new business card, keep those 3 things in mind and it will help your card be more effective!


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