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Already have an inhouse marketing/social media person? No problem! We've assembled some DIY Type services that let your marketing guy or girl have access to extremely powerful self service type softwares. They'll be in full control and can make adjustments 24/7. The services below can help you get the most out of your marketing guy/gal at the best possible price.

Self-Service Options:

Robert Gliten — Web Services Coordinator

Nothing is more important to us than getting results for our clients. At the end of the day, if we aren’t moving the needle, you won’t keep us around – That being said it’s in our best interest to get you the best results possible!

Our methods are based on industry leading strategies that have been proven time after time. 

You started your business for a reason – to help people solve a problem. We want to make growing your business as easy as possible so you can focus your time on what you’re best at – Running the business. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

"We hired for consulting. Brought William down to the office for a meeting with the team and basically had a Q&A session. I'm glad we went with Minty because now we have a road map on how to move forward. William was very knowledgeable and described things in detail. I would absolutely recommend working with him, especially if you're feeling stuck."
Kevin Gonzales
From Costa Mesa

I've had some bad experiences with other people who claim to be marketing experts, so naturally going into this i was a little skeptical. If not for my friend recommending I call, I probably wouldn't have reached out. With that being said, i'm ecstatic i listened to her!

I hired Will to help me with lead generation and so far he's bringing me 3 TIMES the amount of leads that my old company was!! Great Value and Great results. I wish I discovered him sooner.
Sara Linden
From Irvine
Will helped us gain proof of concept digitally so we knew how to improve one of our products before bringing it into production. The way he does A/B testing is really cool. It allowed us to make improvements to the design ultimately giving customers something they were more interested in. Those "micro tests" saved us a lot of money.
Frank Cooper
From Palm Desert
Having someone like Will in your back pocket to bounce ideas off of has proved to be beneficial. Myself and the other partners have tried getting our business online so many times and each time we try it seems we lose momentum once realizing its not working. We finally decided to hire a professional and It's unbelievable the amount of information this guy knows. He set everything up so quickly and we were getting online sales by the end of the second month. I feel it was a good investment and look forward to continually working with him.
David Yee
From Hacienda Heights
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